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I want to donate

The Coronavirus pandemic affects everyone on the planet, however in countries like Colombia where a large portion of the population live in poverty, their vulnerability will worsen. The most worrisome is that during the "quarantine" period these families will not be able to cover their basic food needs.


In rural areas this situation is exacerbated, which is why at La Consciencia del Amor we have created the campaign: 


to raise funds and deliver food to vulnerable families in these areas.


Be a part of the change and make your contribution. Be supportive and share what you have with those who need it most.

You will be given a Donation Certificate.

Thank you!!!

¿Do you want to help?

Donations in Colombia

We will send you a newsletter with the report of the progress in the delivery of the markets with their respective photographic record.

Cali - Bogotá - Medellín - Barranquilla - Cartagena - Bucaramanga
Phones: 57 (2) 323 41 53  -  Mobile. 316 742 77 06

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Somos una ESAL (Entidad Sin Ánimo de Lucro) en Colombia. Estamos bajo el régimen especial, por lo tanto las donaciones o aportes del plan padrino no tiene impuesto del IVA, ni retenciones. Para descargar nuestro certificado de Cámara de Comercio y el Registro Único Tributario (RUT), hacer clik  aquí 

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